Passing parameters between MS CRM plugins

I was needed to pass a variable from one plugin to another. If you have a two plugin at pre and post stage registered for on entity, then you can use a SharedVariables context property. But, if every plugins is a different assembly, and they are registered for a different entities... So, when the first plugin is firing, the second, which is starting after that, needed to know some information for redirecting it logic to another way.

I had created some common assembly with helper methods and called it "Helper". Then I had created a static class with static variable and had put the value into it, at the first plugin execution runtime. In the second plugin I just get the value from the static common variable.

And nothing about read\write DB operations.
Helper assembly.
namespace Helper
    public static class Keeper
        private static bool _UpdateOppAfterHistory = true;
        public static bool UpdateOppAfterHistory 
            get { return _UpdateOppAfterHistory; }
            set { _UpdateOppAfterHistory = value; }
    public class OpportunityHelper
    { ... }

First firing plugin code
Keeper.UpdateOppAfterHistory = false;

// removing the flag to the back
Keeper.UpdateOppAfterHistory = true;

Second firing plugin code
// common shared variable analysis
bool UpdateOppAfterHistory = Keeper.UpdateOppAfterHistory;
if (UpdateOppAfterHistory)
{ ... }

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