Передача нескольких параметров JavaSript в XML

In ISV.Config I was needed a <Button> with JavaScript on it for open modal dialog with 2 or more parameters. In the dialog I'll calculate some sums for displayed opportunities.

So this is example:

<Button JavaScript="var url='http://localhost/CalcTotals.aspx';var paramStr = 'viewid=' + crmGrid.GetParameter('viewid'); if (crmGrid.GetParameter('filterDisplay') != null) paramStr += '&amp;' + 'filter=' + crmGrid.GetParameter('filterDisplay');if (crmGrid.GetParameter('quickfind') != null) paramStr += '&amp;' + 'quickfind=' + crmGrid.GetParameter('quickfind'); url= url + '?' + paramStr; showModalDialog(url , '','status:no;dialogWidth:610px;dialogHeight:210px;dialogHide:true;help:no;scroll:no');" AccessKey="в" WinMode="1" PassParams="1">;

The character "&" must be replaced with "&amp;".

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