Parse XML date in CRM date with Javascript

A JavaScript function to parse an XML (ISO-8601) date string (e.g., "2008-01-18") that returns a JavaScript Date object.

// parsing
function parseDate(xmlDate)
      if (!/^[0-9]{4}\-[0-9]{2}\-[0-9]{2}/.test(xmlDate)) {
           throw new RangeError("xmlDate must be in ISO-8601 format YYYY-MM-DD.");
      return new Date(xmlDate.substring(0,4), xmlDate.substring(5,7)-1, xmlDate.substring(8,10));

// and using
if(retrievedOpp.attributes["estimatedclosedate"] != null && retrievedOpp.attributes["estimatedclosedate"] != undefined){
     crmForm.all.new_estimatedclosedate.DataValue = parseDate(retrievedOpp.attributes["estimatedclosedate"].value);}

Source http://dev.ektron.com/blogs.aspx?id=14140

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